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Pool Balls at Pete's Corner Pocket Billiards! Pete’s Corner Pocket is a family owned billiards hall located in beautiful Bristol, Tennessee. We are a family oriented pool hall, with no smoking and no alcohol, just good clean pool hall fun. Billiard’s table rentals available by the hour as well as coin tables available. We welcome every skill level, from a hobby player that wants to hang out with their friends while playing wonderful sport, to beginners that are just getting into pool but wanting to improve their skills, all the way to die-hard fans of this wonderful sport. We have exceptionally great players and all of them would love to better themselves. We have a wonderful group of people that frequently visit our establishment, and it would be great if you would like to join us! If you are interested in pool and live in the area, or just passing through, please come by and see us! We would love to meet you!

Featuring 17 billiard tables, including four 9 foot pool tables, eight 8 foot tables, one 7 foot table, and four 8 foot coin operated tables- we have a table for every preference!

Open 7 Days a week and all major holidays!
Hours: 2 pm until Midnight or later
During peak season and on busy nights we will stay open past midnight, until the last person steps out of the door. If you want to visit late at night and are not sure if we’re still open then feel free to call us at (423) 844-0369! We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Concessions are available on site. We carry a full line of bottled and canned non-alcoholic beverages, as well as packaged snacks, chips & candy bars.

Pro Shop & Billiard supplies also available. We have dozens of pool cues & billiard supplies on hand, and can special order anything you might desire from several of our reputable dealers. You can see a gallery of some of our supplies available on our website here.

Expert cue repairs available by Joe Blackburn.

We are an APA host location. Come join us for one of the most exciting leagues in the nation! Want to know more about the APA or when you can play? Want to earn a trip to Vegas? Visit the APA link here for more information.

We hold several Tournaments every week, visit the Tournament link here for more information on the upcoming tournaments! Two exciting new tournaments added to the monthly line-up, please check it out for more information!

Corner Pocket Dominates the 2010 Regional competition in 8-Ball, 9-Ball & Doubles!

Congratulations! Two 8-Ball Teams, One 9-Ball Team AND One 9-Ball Doubles team from Corner Pocket are all going to VEGAS!

Congratulations to the members of the APA teams that recently won the 2010 City Finals/Regional APA 8-Ball qualifiers! Three teams from Corner Pocket earned the rights to compete at Regionals for 8-Ball, and two of those teams (Corner Pocket Boys led by Darrell Neece, Sr. and James Spires, and the Corner Pocket Rejects led by Darrell Neece, Jr. and Lee Neece) won first in their brackets and earned a trip to Las Vegas for Nationals! The third team (The Terminators, led by Ronnie Stevens) placed third in the qualifier, an equally impressive placement of the 27 teams that were entered at Regionals. The two winning teams are lead by the two owners of Corner Pocket, Darrell Neece, Sr. and Darrell Neece, Jr., this is one of the first times that two father & son lead teams have qualified for National level competition at the same qualifying event! Both of the winning teams overcame hardships and won against the odds. Congratulations to all of the team members that have done so well! The 3 teams from Bristol dominated 8-Ball City Finals this year! We are very proud of our APA members accomplishments.

People playing pool at Pete's Corner Pocket BilliardsCongratulations are also in order to the members of the APA teams that recently competed in the 2010 City Finals/Regional APA 9-Ball Qualifiers! Four teams out of the Corner Pocket earned the rights to compete at Regionals for 9-Ball and one of our home teams (The Big Dogs, led by Ronnie Stevens) won first in their bracket and also earned a trip to Las Vegas for Nationals! The other three teams also did very well at Regionals. The winning 9-Ball Team is captained by Ronnie Stevens, who did a fantastic job and the team ran through the tournament undefeated.

Congratulations are also in order to the members of the APA teams that competed in the 2010 Regionals Doubles 9-Ball qualifier. The winning team was also from Corner Pocket, with Pete Grubbs and Lee Neece competing as a two person "doubles" team, dominating the Doubles competition and earning their own rights to compete in the Doubles competition at the National level in Las Vegas! The second place Doubles team also consisted of two Corner Pocket players, James Spires and Katie Gates. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all of our Corner Pocket billiards players!

It is amazing to bring home THREE first place team trophies AND a first place Doubles win to the Corner Pocket in one year! There are 20 players from four seperate teams out of Corner Pocket going to Vegas in August, 2010 for the APA Nationals!

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