Pete’s Corner Pocket Billiards

Expert Cue Repairs
by Joe Blackburn

Expert Cue Repair by Joe Blackburn

Pete & Darrell’s Corner Pocket is also the home to an expert in his craft. Joe Blackburn has been repairing cue's for over 35 years! He has also worked at the United States Open Nine Ball Championship repairing cues for every year since 1985. He is a nationally recognized expert in cue repair.

Joe Blackburn is not only a great cueist, but a fabulous pool player. He played on the professional pool tour for over 11 years, from 1978 to 1986. Joe Blackburn has played pool against pool hall legend Minnesota Fats twice in exhibition play. He beat Minnesota Fats the second time. Joe Blackburn has also competed against pool greats Earl Strickland, Nick Varner, Alan Hopkins, Boston Shorty and Mike Sigel, among many others.

If you need repairs or alterations to your cue, please come and visit Joe. Contact Joe directly if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment for a repair, here at the Corner Pocket at (423) 844­0369 or Joe’s cell at (615) 498­4437.

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